Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy F#$%&^**$% New Year

I was going to send out New Year's cards instead of Christmas but not unless this is what you want to see. Hell, maybe I should do one of those collage cards from shutterfly and proudly display what a 5x5 bull elk does when it stands still in the highway vs. a car. My car! My 6 mo old new car! And I definately would not mail this collage out with pride, but rather deep, deep, intense, utter disgust. Yes, yes, I know could have been so much worse and thank god we are all alright. But the 6500.00 estimate is really eatting a hole in my stomach and the reality of the error my husband made(not paying the car insurance for what ever reason) is etching an even deeper rage of frustration with in me! But as always we have our health and each other and I try focus on the more important results of this painful experience. So sorry to be a scrooge, Happy New year to all! May yours be brighter than mine!


Molly Osmera said...

What can I say... sucks for you! Your car looks pretty messed up, worse than I imagined! Seeing these pics makes me realize just how lucky you guys all are. Hang in there, another growth opportunity???
Molly said...

Holy crap Jeanine -I'm so sorry-but so thankful you guys are alright. Were all the kids with you. Husbands-can't live with them-Uh Can't live with them ha!!!
I'll keep you guys in my prayers.