Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blue Jay, (Lake Arrowhead) CA

So our journey in the car yet continues onto Blue Jay ( AKA Lake Arrowhead), CA to see Sarah and Eric and their twins Gabe and Amber. Not too bad of a drive from LA. Till we passed her exit. Got off, gased up AGAIN, turned around to her exit to be minutes behind a fatal accident. (Sometimes I think everything happens for a reason and someone above was really looking out for us. That could just have easily been us had we exited correctly??!Spokey!!) Well after that depressing and reality check we switchbaked up a 5000 ft incline to their sketchy neighborhood. Who they hell decided to build homes on cliffs and to top it off put these psycho driveways/access roads that T off into oblivion?? But their house was beautiful and it was soooooo good to visit with them. They kids picked up like the never missed a beat together. I think Chelsea played the role of Elmira from Tiny Toons and hucked the smallest runt kitten in the tub and held it by its neck a few times. I know some of it's 9 lives were taken upon our visit. I am telling you seeing friends and family you miss only makes you miss them more. It was a very short trip that left me saddened of the days I long for with Sarah! We used to keep each other pretty entertained!! I miss that!!

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