Saturday, September 6, 2008


Back down into the valley we drive into the desert. On our way to see Theresa (Mike's sister) and family in Phoenix. Driving thru the 109 temps Sam decides he is done with the car. I had to stop frequently to nurse and comfort him. For what ever reason Chelsea thinks long car rides can be stopped with constant and frequent claims that she has to poop. Several stops and no poop. I am started to get frustrated!! Finally the requests seem more legitimate so I see a rest stop ahead (I tell you there are many miles of nothing and she can't poop on the side of the highway with no shoulder) We enter without success as we leave she gets panicky and I know this is it. (Well I hope) I think I was sternly letting her know she better take a dump this time and a fellow female bathroom patron must have thought I was the bitchiest mom alive. Finally she goes only to leave and discover she went on the way back into the bathroom and it is now on my shirt (Again, what is it with road trips and shit, ON ME?!?!) Clothes are packed to well. Decide to continue on, change later (it wasn't too bad). But I am pretty burnt out ATM. Passed the Colorado River at the border of CA/AZ, that was so cool looking. Middle of the desert and suddenly you see this oasis of blue green water, wave runners, palm trees, people, life exists in these extremely hot weather conditions. It gave us all a boost of confidence that we would soon be at Theresa's and out of the stinkin car and heat!! Made it. Her two oldest were there when we arrived. Sebastian has aged and Seamus was as welcoming as always. It was so good to see Theresa, Cecily and Cyrus. We swam and visited. James came home and we had the best filet Mignon of my life. The kids played and it was way to short.The next day was the longest leg of our trip. Not so much hourly, but we were all just DONE!! we so wanted to come home.But Sam really had had it with the car and I had to stop alot for him. I got pulled over outside of Flagstaff, AZ. The section going down hill into the rez. I thought it was 75 or did I?? That is what i told the cop. But really I was in the wake of everyone else. I saw him going up the hill on the other side and then turn around. Ugh , knew I was getting pulled over and knew I was speeding!! Then he pulls the car ahead of me over, sweet. And then he flags me down too. Not sweet. He asks me for my license and I gave him the story. He was really great about it. So while he is back in his car the other girl he pulled over gets out and starts crying. I mean not a tear or two. She is frickin dropping to her knees on the ground, freaking out about how she is 21 and this has been the worst trip of her life, and she can't afford a ticket blah blah blah. My first thoughts were "Oh god, there goes any hope of a warning". Sam woke up after we just got him to sleep, so I pulled out the boppy and nursed him on my lap. When the cop returned to my car he looked to the side and asked if I needed a minute, I replied"why? do you need me to get out of the car or something?". He said "no, I just thought you would like some privacy and time to finish". I said "no, you can't see anything." SO he told me had sat in his car and asked himself what he would want a cop to do if it was his wife traveling alone with his kids and he said he wanted to give me a brake. YES SWEET!! THANKS!!! He said he thought I deserved a break after getting my wallet stolen, having all the kids by myself etc. He said the other girl was just young and needed to learn a lesson. So nice!! SO off we went. 6 more hours back to Co. Probably more as we stop so much! Came home to find Mike, a face we missed so much, had prepared a nice hot meal for us! But came home to news that Amos and Delilah almost bleed to death. That story later!!

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