Saturday, September 6, 2008

San Rafael

So unfortunately our stay ends only to get in the car again and journey down to my parents house. There we swam from AM to PM, visited with my childhood friend Moira and her son, Declan. We also got to see Caroline and her new baby , Ruby and Leslie. Janet and Tom came down for a day to swim and BBQ. Only to make me saddened by the reality I only see my sister one day out of the year. I can not get over this realization and I felt bad for not driving up to see her more. I just could not subject myself to putting my poor kids in the car and more than they had to as I knew what lied ahead. (Almost 2000 more miles.)As well we visited with Kate, Tim and the twins Jennifer and Jeff that I nannied for when I was younger. They are going into their senior year of HS now. My god, it is the only thing that makes me feel aged. Even though I know my son is going to be 12 years old. Beong a parent at 24 wasn't too young. But how could these kids I took care of for 3 years be on their way to college?? It does not seem possible. I suppose that makes the reality of turning 40 in 4 years all the more near!! AHH! Spent time with Greg and his adorable dog, Kurtis as well as Greg's new girlfriend from France, Cinti, of which made me want to speak with an accent every time she spoke. but she was really sweet and my kids loved her. Emma and Kyle are wondering if she will be our Aunt one day. I don't what makes them ask that?? I mean they just started dating??!?!? They say kids are more intuitive than adults?!?!? Could it be???
Oh yes, I forgot to mention the AH who stole my wallet out of my car. Jackass!! Well, Sometime on the weekend they must have entered thru an unlocked door. ( I really thought I had locked it with the automatic key chain lock, but maybe I forgot. Kyle also went to the car. But the thought he could have done it makes him so upset so we will just say I forgot. Not important anyway) But they went thru everything and I mean every nook and cranny in my car. Every hidden zipper in my diaper bag, even my little wet bag I used for the baby butt creams and etc. They left all our DVD's, CD's and wireless headphones to our built in DVD player. They seem to have only taken my wallet and chip to my camera!! Thank god I had my bank card in my pocket. So they got $100, all my medical cards, ID but I am bummed I lost all my pictures from Tahoe, Doug and Jean's, the mine and the American river. Those were the "cool" pictures. I had to file a report with the SR Police Dept. PITA!!

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