Monday, September 22, 2008

Pagosa Colorfest 2008

Pagosa Colorfest 2008 A very special weekend in my heart, this is the very weekend 10 years ago Mike and I hooked up. As well a special occasion for the kids. This weekend Kyle was @ boyscouts camping and Emma was with a friend. But Mike, Chelsea, Sam and I got up early, got a fancy coffee and headed out to watch some 28 or so balloons lift off!
Though Chelsea loves watching our local balloon touch down in the lake infront of the house I think she was alittle frightened of the noise and massive size as we walked around and under the many balloons! She kept insisiting she was hungry and tired, telling us she needed to go home to take a nap. (Chelsea = nap. NO!) We have since learned this is code for "get me the hell out of here" and words of plea when she doesn't want to be doing something. But not much later she became more comfortable and the false comments deminished. We enjoyed a nice stroll and AM together. Sam quietly watched in awe from the babyhawk carrier he was nestled in.

Ended the day in the evening @ the balloon glow. No pics, sorry! Only 5 balloons came to light up the crowd. Chelsea again pleading she was tired and needed a nap. It wasn't untill we were walking to the car she thought it was cool. Goof ball!!

My Favorite picture of the day

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