Monday, September 22, 2008


Wrong Nemo! I meant this one below!!!

After many years of repeated requests, we gave in and let the kids get another ferret. Kyle has been saving for 2 years and we decided if they were really good this summer and helped out, instead of an allowance we would help them out with the purchase of a ferret. Sam and I went down to Farmington, NM and met my friend Amy. We went to Star Bucks and then she accompanied me to Petco, where I am sure I drove her nuts with my undecisiveness and played with the many wild and crazy rodents. The lady helping us knew nothing more than I about sexing them. All I knew was I was told NOT to come home with a male. All the really cute ones were wild. Amy loved one, which was a doll and while I said I was not going for looks, I lied as I just could not bring myself to go that far! Ehhh! But she was sweet, bless her heart and I hope she gets a great home as she really wanted to leave with someone. But back to how we got Nemo! The rodent man (I mean the small animal specialist)finally arrived and the one I had my heart on was a boy! Damn it! So I said I had to go, call hubby and think about it. Meanwhile Amy and I looked for some boots for Emma. Without success on that I did however get Mike's approval on a male after I filled him in on the news I learned -Scoop out poop daily and bathe often (ferret not me!!) So we went back to bring Nemo home!!
Isn't he cute!

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Amie said...

HI jeanine! i saw your blog link on LL so i decided to stop over and read, i am SO jealous you got a little ferret! We had one when we were stationed in Japan and had to leave him there :( we miss her so much, she was such a sweetheart, good luck with your new little family member! ill be reading now too, nice to keep up to date with you, i hope you and your family are doing well!! cant believe your newest little guy is already 7 months old!